Clever Access

  • UPDATE - HS Student Web Links have been transferred to CLEVER


    Just a reminder the Clever portal is available for all Dorchester Two students.  PARENTS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO CLEVER. The Clever portal provides personalized, digital application access allowing your students to continue using online instructional programs wherever internet access is available.  

    What is the Clever portal?  This program is meant to securely link all of our students' platforms under one school-assigned UN/PW.   Our students can all access Clever from home using the same exact credentials they use at school.  Simply click the Clever link below or the icon on the front of our webpage.  You MUST start at our link on our home page.  Students have been using Clever since October in our labs, etc. 


    Log in at 

    To get started follow these three steps:

    1. Navigate to the address above
    2. Log in with Active Directory  (THIS IS YOUR COMPUTER LOGIN & PASSWORD)
    3. Click on the application you want to use

    NOTE: Depending on your teacher and what they are using, this is the way to access all programs (Office 365, apex, school website, etc)