• Students should check their grades and assignments on UnifiedClassroom a minimum of once per week. Students can easily see current averages, grades on individual assignments, notes from teachers, get a quick peek at what's due in the next day or two or use the monthly calendar view for long-term planning. The calendar is personalized for each student, so they can also add important dates for things like rehearsals, sports practices, field trips, etc.

      Students can access UnifiedClassroom by clicking here. Select "Sign in with Microsoft" at the bottom of the screen and use you Microsoft log in credentials to access Unified Classroom. Click HERE for a step-by-step guide to signing into Unified Classroom!

      There is not an app for UnifiedClassroom. Students can visit the URL in their mobile device's browser and will get a mobile view. On most smartphones, you can add a website to your phone's home screen as a bookmark (Exact steps vary by model and OS, but a Google search will give you easy-to-follow instructions).