• We aim to provide 21st century learning experiences for students by integrating technology across the curriculum throughout the day. We are especially excited about incorporating the SC Computer Science and Digital Literacy Standards which have been recently approved by the South Carolina Department of Education. Feel free to peruse those standards by clicking on the following link--> Click here. The content standards and the process standards work together to enable all students to develop the world class knowledge, skills, and life and career characteristics identified in the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate. 

    Here are some of our technology stats at Spann Elementary: 

    Number of Computer Labs: 4

    Number of Computers per lab: 30 computers in Labs A & B and 24 computers in Labs C & D

    Number of Smart Boards: 1 per classroom

    Number of iPads: 154

    Number of HP Stream Notebooks: 170

    Number of Document Cameras: 24

    Number of Wireless Headphones: 26

    Number of Maker Spaces: 1


    Our district provides quality programs for students to aid in mathematics and literacy. Those programs include:

    • Waterford Early Learning (4K, K, and 1st Grade): Literacy, mathematics, and science instruction
    • Imagine Learning & Literacy (2nd and 3rd Grade): Literacy instruction
    • Compass Learning Odyssey (3rd-5th Grade): Literacy and mathematics instruction
    • Fast Math (2nd-5th Grade): Math fact practice
    • System 44 (3rd Grade): Foundational reading instruction
    • Read180 (4th and 5th Grade): Intensive reading intervention program for struggling readers
    • Overdrive (All Grades): eBooks 

    Our school also provides the following quality programs:

    • Typing Quest (2nd-5th Grade)- Keyboarding practice
    • Discovery Education (All grades)- Cross-curricular content
    • Reading A-Z (K-2nd Grade)- Leveled literature 
    • BrainPop & BrainPop Jr.

    For more information please contact Lisa West, our Instructional Technology Specialist at lwest@dorchester2.k12.sc.us