Student reading
  • In the past, only GATE students were required to complete summer reading, but beginning last summer, ALL DMS students are now required to complete summer reading. Research proves that the more a student reads, the better student – and person – he or she will be, so why would we only require the best for our GATE students, when reading is what is best for all students?

    In the beginning of May, your student will receive the summer reading assignment. Students must choose a book from the DMS Core ELA Summer Reading List; students are not allowed to choose a text that is not on the DMS list. Because the list is four pages long, teachers will not send home individual copies of the list but will instead post on the DMS website. However, if your child would like a printed copy of the book list, he or she can request a copy. We suggest using the local library to checkout a free copy of the book or obtaining an electronic copy of the text. GATE and Honors students do NOT have to complete this assignment, as they will have a separate district-required assignment. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s ELA teacher. 

Check out a video of recommended books!