• School Counselors at Beech Hill serve as advocates for all students and are often the pulse of school-wide initiatives pertaining to whole body wellness such as growth mindset, mindfulness, and healthy choices.  They enjoy helping parents work through their children’s academic and/or emotional challenges.  Ms. Masopust and Mr. Helton always welcome parent conferences, and encourage students, parents, and teachers to share their concerns and accomplishments with them.  

    Ms. Masopust is responsible for 4K, 1st, 3rd and 5th grades.

    Mr. Helton is responsible for PD, K, 2nd and 4th grades.

    Both counselors would love to help your Beacon and can be reached by email or by calling the school at 843-821-3970.

    The following schedule will be used for classroom guidance lessons:

    November/December: Personal Body Safety

    January: Goal Setting

    February: Empathy/Kindness

    March: Growth Mindset

    April: Career Awareness

    School Counseling Department Mission Statement:  The mission of the Beech Hill Elementary School Counseling Department is to provide continual support to maximize student potential, personal/social development, academic achievement, and career awareness through implementation of a comprehensive developmental school counseling program.  School counselors will collaborate with students, parents,  teachers, administrators, and community agencies to help all students enjoy a positive and safe education experience. 

    School Counseling Department Vision Statement:  Beech Hill Elementary students are life-long learners who enthusiastically accept challenges, courageously learn from mistakes, and develop resilience by overcoming setbacks.  Students know that they can continually improve their skills, attitudes, and knowledge required for ongoing success in their personal development, relationships, and careers.  Beech Hill students develop strong cognitive and non-cognitive skills that will make them highly sought after as leaders in the work force and community.