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Ms. Karla Ortega Buelvas

My name is Karla Ortega and I have the privilege of being part of the great family of ESOL teachers at Alston Middle School. Born to a family of educators, in the year 2003 I felt the call to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors who for generations have made their duty to teach children, youth and adults in different fields of education.

Born and raised in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. I started my professional career working in marketing and billing for different companies in my country. After becoming an educator  with an emphasis on Humanities-English, and working for several years for various educational institutions and at different levels, in the year 2011 I traveled to the United States through VIF (Visiting International Faculty), a program that recruits teachers from different parts of the world to work as educators and cultural ambassadors in public schools in this country. Since then, I have taught in different schools of South Carolina.

Crochet, painting, reading and playing the piano are some of the activities I enjoy on weekends with my husband and my two beautiful children.

Mi nombre es Karla Ortega y tengo el privilegio de pertenecer a la gran familia de profesores ESOL de Alston Middle School. Nacida en el seno de una familia de educadores, en el año 2003 sentí el llamado a seguir los pasos de mis ancestros, quienes por varias generaciones se han dado a la tarea formar niños, jóvenes y adultos en diferentes campos de la educación.

Nacida y criada en la Costa Caribe Colombiana. Empecé mi Carrera professional trabajando en el campo de mercadeo y facturación en diferentes corporaciones en mi país.  Luego de obtener el título como Educadora  en Educación Básica con énfasis en Humanidades-Inglés y de trabajar por varios años para diferentes instituciones educativas y en diferentes niveles, en el año 2011 viajé a los Estados Unidos por medio de VIF (Visiting International Faculty), un programa que recluta profesores de diferentes partes del mundo  como embajadores culturales y educadores para trabajar en las escuelas públicas de éste país. Desde entonces, he enseñado en diferentes escuelas de Carolina del Sur.

Tejer, pintar, leer y tocar el piano son algunas de las actividades que disfruto los fines de semana y los días de descanso junto a mi esposo y mis dos hermosos hijos.

  • My dear ESOL students,


    As you know, we will not be in school in the next two weeks.


    Please, follow the following instructions:


    • Start every day by answering the writing prompt (as we usually do in class)
    • Read each article and complete the Vocabulary/Questions Activity.
    • Read the “Quote of the day” and complete the “Good Things” activity.
    • Complete all the activities by March 31st-2020.
    • Please, contact me if you have any questions:


    If you have access to the internet, and a device to work on, you have the opportunity to complete these activities online.

    • Go to and complete Vocabulary/reading activities.
      • 6th Grade Class code: 4TZ336
      • 7th Grade Class code: 2SR6HP
      • 8th Grade Class code: 2FQVST
    • Password: tigers



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