Instructional Technology

  • At our school, we understand the importance of integrating technology into and across the curriculum. 

     Students have the opportunity to receive instruction face-to-face and virtually. Technology can be seen in the the hands of children as they are actively engaged in rigorous and relevant learning experiences every day. 

    Staff development opportunities are provided to teachers throughout the school year so that their digital toolboxes are well-equipped to enhance the learning process.

Common Questions & Answers

  • Clever  Clever:

    Q: How do parents log in to Clever? 

    A: Parents do not have Clever credentials. The purpose of Clever is to securely link all of our students' platforms under one school-assigned UN/PW. Our students can all access Clever from home using the same exact credentials they use at school. (4K – 2nd grade parents ~ Contact your child’s teacher if you are unsure of his/ her computer credentials). Our 3rd - 5th graders should be familiar with their credentials because they use them every day at school.


    Q: I am unable to login to Clever. What do I do?

    A: Here are a few common troubleshooting tips:

    • Start at this web address:

    • Make sure you are clicking on "login with active directory"

    • Your username must have after it.

    • Check to see if capslock is on. This can cause the password to be incorrect.

    • NOTE: When using an Android phone, you may need to change the view to “desktop site”.

    • If more than one child is using Clever on the same device in the same browser, the child must select “Log out” up top at the end of their session. Then, have the child close out of the browser. At this point, the next child can open the browser, go to, and login.


    IL  Imagine Learning:

    Q: How do I access Imagine Learning on a tablet?

    A: Please try the following steps:

    • Download the Imagine Learning app from your app store.

    Imagine Language and Literacy 

    apple app store       android app

    Imagine Math Facts  

    apple app store       android app

    • Login using the first part of your Clever login. For example if my Clever username is, my Imagine Learning username would be jdoe. Your password is the same as your username.

    • The site code is 4502010.


    Teams  Office 365 & Microsoft Teams:

    Q:Are any classes using Microsoft Teams?

    A: MS Teams is part of your child’s Microsoft Office 365 account and has some features that may be useful during distance learning. Some teachers plan to use this platform. Your child’s teacher will reach out with specific information if/when they decide to use Teams. 


    Q: What is the best way to access Microsoft Teams?

    A: If your child’s teacher will be using Teams, please use Chrome or Firefox. Teams does not work well with Edge or Explorer browsers. The Teams app may also be helpful. You can dowload the app here:


    Q: When I click on Microsoft Teams or Office 365 through Clever I am being asked to log in again.  What do I do?

    A: You will need to log in using the same login and password as Clever.  Be sure to include in the username.


    Q: Do students have a district email account?

    A:  No.  Their user name looks like an email address, but they do not have access to email on our servers.


    Additional Information:

    For more information on how to access Microsoft Office 365 and download up to 5 free versions of the software please visit DD2 Technology Resources & Support.


    PS  PowerSchool & Unified Classroom:

    Q: How do parents log in to Unified Classroom? 

    A: Parents can log in to PowerSchool’s Parent Portal to see grades, but they cannot log in to Unified Classroom. Unified Classroom is a resource that is only available for our students at this time. 


    Additional Information about Parent Portal:

    If you have not created your Parent Portal account yet, we encourage you to create your account. Please check out DD2 Technology Resources & Support for information on how to create your account. 

    If you experience any issues with creating an account and/or adding another child to your existing account, please email our System Operator, Rose Hopkins (


    Waterford  Waterford:

    Q: How do I access Waterford?

    A: Parents should have received an email from Waterford with directions for how to access Waterford from home.  If you did not, please let your teacher know.  Waterford can also be accessed through Clever.


    Other Common Questions/Comments:

    Q: Why am I not gettting email from my child's teachers?

    A: Many of our email attempts have come back as undeliverable. This could be due to filters on your email account or the address that is in PowerSchool is no longer accurate.  Please update your contact inforamtion in PowerSchool using the PS Parent Potal.


    Q: Who can I contact for additional technology troubleshooting? 

    A: Please reach out to your teacher or the school Instructional Technology Specialist, Marie Connelly (


    C:  I don't have a printer.

    A:  Much of the work assigned can be submitted digitally.  In addition to downloading Teams on your personal devices (works on phones, iPads, computers), Office Lens is another great app.   It takes clean, free images of documents.   Best of all, it can be linked directly to your student's Office 365 account so that all scans are sent directly to their OneDrive.


    Q: My child does not have access to Wi-Fi at home. What should I do? 

    A: Spectrum is offering free Wi-Fi. Call 1-844-488-8395 for more information. 


    Q: I am having technical difficulties. What should I do? 

    • Attempt the steps shared in the FAQs and the "How-To Videos for Students and Parents" using various browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) until you find one where your browser preferences are compatible with the tools in Clever, the MS O365 Suite, etc.  It is not uncommon to have to use a different browser for one website or platform than you use for another.

    • If a district-purchased platform is malfunctioning (O365, Unified Classroom, Clever, etc.), please notify your child’s homeroom teacher so that they can reach out to their ITS. 

    • If you are having trouble with a website or an app that is not part of DD2's purchased software, please contact the support group for that platform.

    • If your personal device is not working, please contact your manufacturer or the store from where you purchased it. DD2's IT department can only address DD2 devices and DD2 supported platforms/apps.



    • Prefered Browsers- Chrome and Firefox


    Helpful "How To" Videos and Documents (updated daily to support technology needs for distance learning)

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.