Title I

 Sheila Salsman

Phone: 843-695-2979


Degrees and Certifications:

Sheila Salsman

My mission is to monitor, coach, and assist teachers in providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum to meet the variety of student educational needs and to build relationships with parents that will impact student academic achievement.


    What is Title One?

    • Title 1 is a federal fund.
    • The intention of Title 1 is to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach grade-level proficiency.
    • Title 1 funds helps students who are behind academically or at risk of falling behind.
    • Funds are only used to help students reach proficiency in the following academic subjects: English Language Arts and Mathematics.
    • Title 1 never replaces what other students receive (it is supplemental to the regular program).
    • Title 1 uses research based practices.
    How Is Title I School Funding Determined?
    • Title 1 is a federal entitlement program (non-competitive formula).
    • It is allocated on the basis of student enrollment for ages 5-17, the census poverty levels, and other data.
    • The U.S. Department of Education distributes these funds to State Education Agencies that in turn, distribute the funds to local education agencies or school districts.
    • Local school districts allocate the funds to qualifying schools based on the number of poor children in a school.
    Title I Must…
    • Involve parents in all phases of planning and provide opportunities for involvement and parent trainings.
    • Establish a compact between the parent and school outlining expectations.
    • Share information with parents on their child’s progress and progress of the school toward the accomplishments of goals set forth in the plan.
    • Inform parents when schools have sanctions placed on them due to not meeting the AYP standards.
    This Year's Title Funds at JPES...
    • This year our Title funds will be providing Literacy and Math intervention teachers Ms. Shantae Gilliard for second through fifth grade literacy intervention with a concentration on third grade literacy utilizing the System 44 program and Mrs. Ashlee Rollison in third and fourth grade math interventions and the fourth grade Do The Math Program. Additionally, Mrs. Juneja will be providing Math intervention support for second and fifth grade students and the fifth grade Do The Math Now Program.
    • Title funds will also be used for professional development for our teachers, classroom instructional materials, technology integration, and all the food, supplies, and materials for our parenting events.