Office Hours

    Please take the time to look over the Distance Learning Plan #2 and the new format to see if the electronic copy will work for you and your family or if you will need a hard copy. We are confident that with this new format, many more of our families will be able to use the electronic copy only.


Distance Learning Expectations


    Students are expected to spend 200 minutes a day working on subject material.

    Students can work at their own pace. Assignments do not have to be completed on the day listed. The days are suggested pacing.

    When possible, students should submit work online. Otherwise, all completed work needs to be kept together in a folder separated by content area so that it can be turned in upon return to school.



    Students should be using familiar online resources. Students use Clever to access online resources at school every day.

    Students can access class-specific learning opportunities and resources using links via Clever.

    Clever provides single sign-on for Apex, Edmentum, Microsoft Teams, Unified Classroom, and other programs. 

    Students without internet access with be provided a print option- available for pickup at the school on March 17th and April 2nd.