• Q:   Where will assignments be posted?

    You can get to assignments by clicking the Clever link on our home page.   Most Teachers have put all of their work on their classroom Team via Micosoft Teams and Office 365

    Q:   How do I log in to Clever?

    Parents do not have Clever credentials.  This program is meant to securely link all of our students' platforms under one school-assigned UN/PW.   Our students can all access Clever from home using the same exact credentials they use at school.  Simply click the Clever link on our home page to log in.  Do NOT Google Clever and try to log in that way.  You MUST start at our link on our home page.  (Please do not use Edge or Explorer to access Clever.  Use Chrome or Firefox browsers.)  Students have been using Clever since the first week of school, so they are familiar with how it works. How to login to Clever from home

    Q:   Why am I not gettting email from my child's teachers?

    Many of our email attempts have come back as undeliverable. This could be due to filters on your email account or the address that is in PowerSchool is no longer accurate.  PLEASE UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO IN POWERSCHOOL. You can do this through your Parent Portal account.

    Q:   Why are teachers emailing parents instead of emailing students?

    Students do not have active email accounts at this time.  Please share all emailed information from your child's teachers with your child.

    Q:   Will teachers be available to answer student questions?

    All teachers will be available Monday through Friday via Teams and email. Specific office hours are 10:00am-11:00am and 2:00pm-3:00pm.

    Q:   Are we using TEAMS?

    Teams is part of your Microsoft Office 365 account and has some features that may be useful during distance learning.   The majoity of teachers plan to use this platform.  We encourage EVERY student to login to Teams even if they do not have a teacher who will be using it right now.   Teams will be used across the district next year, so this is a good time to try it out.     Please do not try to use Teams in the Edge or Explorer browsers.  Use Chrome or Firefox. The app seems to work better than the online version.  You can also download the Teams app on your phone or on your computer. 

    Q:   What should I do if we don't have a printer at home?

    Much of the work assigned can be submitted digitally.  In addition to downloading Teams on your personal devices (works on phones, iPads, computers), Office Lens is another great app.   It takes clean, free images of documents.   Best of all, it can be linked directly to your student's Office 365 account so that all scans are sent directly to their OneDrive.  You can download the Office Lens app from this Microsoft page.

    Q:   Can my child still get access to food services?

    Curbside service is available daily from 11 AM - 1 PM at the following campuses:  ABES, FDHS, FES, OES, Spann and WRES.  Meals will be provided for any student up to the age of 18.

    Q:   My child doesn't have access to Wi-Fi at home. What should I do?

    Spectrum is offering 60 days of free Wi-Fi.  Call 1-244-488-8395 for information. 

    Q:   I'm having technical difficulites. What should I do?

    • If a district-purchased platform is malfunctioning (O365, Unified Classroom, Apex, etc.), please notify a teacher so that they can contact the district's IT deparment
    • If you are having trouble with a website or an app that is not part of DD2's purchased software, please contact the support group for that platform.
    • If your personal device is not working, please contact your manufacturer or the store from where you purchased it.  DD2's IT department can only address DD2 devices and DD2 supported platforms/apps.