Welcome to Dorchester School District Two!

  •  We are pleased that you have chosen Dorchester School District Two as your place of employment.

    Dorchester School District Two employees utilize technology in a variety of capacities depending on his/her role.  All staff members are asked to review the Acceptable Use Agreement (linked below) and agree to technology policies and procedures.  

    Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) Form

    In addition, we recommend all staff review the Staff Device Handbook.

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  • Classified Staff

    This includes

    • instructional assistants (includes substitutes and at-wills)
    • support staff (includes secretaries, receptionists, department specialists)
    • transportation (includes bus drivers,  bus aid, etc)
    • maintenance and technology personnel
    • food service personnel
    • custodial personnel
    • extended day personnel
    • school nurse
    • security personnel
  • Certified Staff

    This includes

    • teachers
    • principals and assistant principals,
    • guidance
    • CDF
    • psychologists
    • occupational therapists
    • speech therapists