About FDHS Counseling

  • Mission Statement

    The School Counseling Department program’s goal is to support our school’s mission. The school counseling department is committed to providing a nurturing environment that helps facilitate life-long learning through classroom guidance, group counseling, and individual counseling. We believe it is our duty to collaborate with community partners, parents, and faculty to provide an array of learning opportunities for every student. We have the unique opportunity to advocate for all students and encourage them to live up to their potential in a rapidly changing and complex world.
    School Counselors at Fort Dorchester High School believe:
    ·   All students can achieve, given the appropriate support and encouragement. 
    ·   All students have different learning styles and developmental needs. 
    ·   All students deserve to have an environment that is safe, secure and provides student-centered support.
    ·   Our primary role is to advocate for every student.
    ·   We should embrace and draw upon the diversity within our school.

    The Fort Dorchester High School counseling program is designed to be comprehensive in scope and preventative in nature. The program includes the following components: 
    ·  Guidance Curriculum consists of structured developmental lessons presented systematically through classroom and group activities for all students. The purpose of the guidance curriculum is to provide information pertaining to the areas of personal/social, academic, and career education. This curriculum is based on student, parent, and teacher needs.  Topics include goal setting, choice-making, self-understanding, improvement in study skills, and other topics identified by data collection. 
    ·  Individual Planning consists of activities that help all students evaluate, plan, monitor, and manage their own learning. The focus is on their personal, academic, and career development. Collaboration with parents and teachers are key factors.   
    ·  Responsive Services include counseling and referral activities that meet the specific needs and concerns of students, parents, and staff. Examples of services include personal counseling, consultation, small group counseling, crisis counseling, and other additional services as needed.
    ·  System Support consists of activities that promote and enhance the total guidance curriculum. This includes staff and community relations, advisory councils, and professional development.
    All counselors at Fort Dorchester High School will: 
    ·  Adhere to ethical guidelines and standards as outlined by the American School Counselor Association. 
    ·  Utilize data to drive the comprehensive program using the American School Counselor Association National Model, South Carolina Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model, and the Dorchester School District Two Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program. 
    ·  Evaluate the program annually using the ASCA Program Audit.
    Be state-certified, master’s degree level counselors and will be responsible for the planning, delivery, and management of the comprehensive school counseling program.
    Comprehensive School Counseling Program Grades 9-12
    I.  Guidance Curriculum (15%-25%)
                 A.  Classroom Guidance
                B.  Small Group Guidance
                C.  Parent Education
    II.  Individual Planning (25%-35%)
                 A.  Individual Assessment
                 B.  Individual Advisement
                 C.  Placement
    III.  Responsive Services (35%)
                 A.  Individual Counseling
                 B.  Small Group Counseling
                 C.  Consultation
                 D.  Referral
                 E.  Crisis Counseling
                 F.  Additional Services
    IV.  System Support (15%)
                A.  Program Planning and Evaluation
                 B.  Staff and Community Relations
                C.  Advisory
                D.  Professional Development
                E.  Information Center
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