• Dorchester School District Two desires to be recognized as a “World Class” school district, expecting each student to achieve at his/her optimum level in all areas and providing all members of our district family with an environment that permits them to do their personal best. All students in grades K-12 will receive a device in order to support student access to information, promote critical thinking, enhance communication and collaboration, and innovatively create while learning to safely, ethically, and successfully utilize technology. Students will have the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom by taking their device home in order to access instructional programs, files, and schoolwork.

    Students in grades K-12 will be issued a device for use at school and home. 

    • K and 1: iPad, with built-in webcam and protective case
    • Grade 2: HP Stream Windows PC Laptop, with built-in webcam and protective case
    • Grades 3-12: Dell Latitude 3190 Windows PC Laptop, with built-in webcam and protective case

In order to receive a district-issued device and gain access to the district network:

    • A parent orientation will be available online and must be viewed annually by the parent or guardian. 

    • Parents must sign and return the District-Issued Device Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) before the school can issue a device and grant student access to the district network. This will be completed annually through the Online Registration Portal. A digital copy of the AUA is available here.

    • Students will complete an annual student orientation at individual school sites prior to receiving a district-issued device. Students will watch an orientation video and digitally sign to indicate they agree to follow the student device rules and procedures at device pickup.   

    • An annual technology fee of $20 will be collected during online registration. This is in addition to the annual registration fee of $20.

    The Student Device Handbook outlines expectations for student use while providing both students and parents/guardians with procedures for appropriate use, care of, and security.