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    Family Expectations for DDTwoVA students

    • In conjunction with their teachers, the parent/guardian must support their child through the virtual learning process by monitoring their engagement of instruction and their completion of assignments and assessments.
    • Ensure that their child is present each day and if absent, ensure their child completes all make-up assignments.
    • Confirm a homework environment for their child so they can successfully learn virtually.
    • Maintain open communication with teachers and staff.
    • Ensure your student knows usernames and passwords and encourage active participation. 
    • Create an appropriate learning space for your student that limits distractions.  
    • Ensure technology is accessible and utilized appropriately.
    • Establish a contingency plan for internet delays and outages (e.g., identifying alternate locations with internet access, using backup computers, etc.).  
    • Maintain communication with your student’s teachers and school personnel. 
    • Utilize District resources for support. 
    • Agree to and sign the Student/Parent Contract.
    • Contact your student’s teachers for assistance when needed. 
    • Engage your student in conversations regarding assignments and learning activities.    
    • Support emotional balance by providing time for physical activity and brain breaks.