• passParking Passes are $50 Aug-Dec and $25 Jan-May.  Passes can be purchased during online registration, in person at the student information desk, or online using the online payment portal.  Before passes will be issued, students must provide proof of current insurance, vehicle registration and driver’s license.  Students can bring this information the first two weeks of school to be processed during ILT, otherwise students can bring to student information at the time of purchase.

    Fines for students driving and parking at school are $30.  Notices will be placed first on vehicles parked without the current year's permit, followed by a fine.




    1. All automobiles parked on school grounds must be registered with the school and display the current permit on the rear view mirror or front window.
    2. Parking is limited to the student parking area. Student parking is not allowed in faculty or visitor parking.
    3. The parking lot is off-limits during the school day.  Passes may be requested in the front office and approved by security.
    4. Students are to obey all traffic signals, signs and markings on campus. 
    5. Vehicles are subject to search at any time.
    6. Suspension of driving privileges, towing of vehicles and/or suspension from school may occur when violations of these regulations occur.
    7. Parking privileges are revoked with no refund of fees for:  excessive tardiness, cutting class, disturbing school, and breaking parking regulations.