• Summerville High School

    Parking permit regulations


    • Parking is a privilege, not a right
    • Summerville High School is not responsible for any theft and/or damage to your vehicle.
    • The parking permit is property of Summerville High School and must be surrendered upon request. The parking permit cannot be transferred to other students and must be surrendered upon withdrawal and/or graduation from Summerville High School.
    • Summerville High School is a closed campus. Once a student is on campus he/she may not leave until the end of the day. The parking lot is not a locker and is off limits.

    Exception: School to work or if the student has been signed out.

    • Student shall not park in the faculty, handicap or visitor parking spots. (Vehicle will be towed.)
    • Student shall not park in the staff parking/bus loop between 8:00 am and 4:45 pm. (Vehicle will be towed.)
    • Parking passes must be hung from the rear view mirror (in plain view.)
    • Parking lots are school property. All vehicles are subject to search (South Carolina Code of Laws 59-63-1120.)
    • Senior parking lot is used by the SHS band after school. All vehicles are to be moved out of the large yellow box no later than 4:30 pm every day. There are no exceptions. Vehicles that are not moved will be towed at the student/parents expense.
    • Leaving campus (cutting, skipping) can result in losing your parking pass for the remainder of the year.
    • The permit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Parking tickets can be issued for violations.

Parking Application