• Lunch Policy:

    • Food delivery services of any kind are not allowed.   
    • Parents/Guardians, or those listed on a student’s PowerSchool account, may bring food to school to be handed directly to their student in the front office during ILT (lunch period) only. This occurs on a normal day from 12:36pm to 1:14pm, but is adjusted on occasion during testing.  


    Delivery Policy:

    • FDHS discourages parents/guardians from dropping off items for students during the school day; however, we understand there are occasionally times where it is unavoidable.
    • Items that need to be dropped off should come from a parent/guardian, or individual listed on a student’s PowerSchool account.  Items dropped off by other individuals are subject to search and parent/guardian will be called for notification. 
    • Students will not be released or called from class, but should collect items during class changes, ILT, or after school. 
    • Students are notified by email when they have an item that needs to be picked up.


    Sign-out Policy:

    • Parents/Guardians, or those listed on a student’s PowerSchool account, are the only authorized individuals who can sign-out a student.
    • A picture ID must be presented and match the name on the PowerSchool account.
    • Students cannot be signed out after 3:30pm. No exceptions.
    • If a student drives to school and is given permission to leave school early, an email must be sent to fdhsstudentinfo@dorchester2.k12.sc.us PRIOR to the requested dismissal time. The email from parent/guardian, or individual listed on the student’s PowerSchool, must include student’s name, time being signed-out, and picture of parent/guardian’ driver’s license.


    Absent Notes:

    • All absent notes need to be turned in to Student Information or emailed to  fdhsattendance@dorchester2.k12.sc.us within 3 days of the absence or they will be unexcused.  
    • Students who come to school late must have a doctor or parent's note to avoid tardy consequences.


    Student IDs:

    • Students must have a student ID on them at all times. The consequence for not having an ID is a $5 ID replacement fee which can be paid online or at student information.