• The Education Accountability Act of 1998 specifies that “school report cards should include information in such areas as…evaluations of the school by parents, teachers, and students.” Student, teacher, and parent opinion surveys have been designed to measure perceptions of three factors: home and school relations, the school’s learning environment, and the school’s social and physical environment. Results provide valuable information to principals, teachers, parents, School Improvement Councils, and community groups in their efforts to identify areas for improvement.

    All families of public school students may complete one parent survey for each of their students. Only one survey per family should be completed per student. Parents of students in any grade may complete a survey. Parents of pre-K students do not need to respond to the parent survey.  The Parent School Climate Survey will be administered through Qualtrics, and links to the Qualtrics surveys will be delivered through Ecollect forms accessible to parents through Parent Portal. Parents will use Ecollect to access the link to their Qualtrics survey, and they will submit their responses through the Qualtrics form.  All responses are confidential and encrypted.  Schools will only be able to monitor the number of participants; they will not be able to monitor specific responses.

    Surveys are currently available to parent respondents within their PowerSchool Parent Portal.  The window to complete the survey closes April 14th.

    Parent Climate Survey Instructions