Priority Information

  • Unauthorized Persons Boarding or Interfering with a School Bus

    Anyone other than school district officials, DD2 students, or public safety officials responding to a bus are not allowed to board the school bus. People doing so are considered intruders and are violating South Carolina law. The applicable law is posted below for your reference: SECTION 59-67-245. Interference with operation of school bus; penalties.

    No person shall willfully and wrongfully interfere with the operation of a school bus, either public or private, by boarding, restricting movement or using threats, either physical or verbal, to the driver or any passenger while the bus is engaged in the transportation of pupils to and from school or any lawful school activity or while passengers are entering or leaving the bus nor shall any person willfully fail or refuse to obey a lawful order of a school bus driver relating to the occupancy of a school bus. The use of threatening, obscene or profane language addressed to the driver or any passenger entering, leaving, or waiting for a school bus is disorderly conduct and any person convicted for the use of such language shall be punished as provided in Section 16-17-530. Nothing contained herein shall be interpreted to infringe upon the power and duties of duly constituted authorities.

    Mobile Device Policy

    Mobile device policy is defined by the Dorchester District Two Board of Trustees. School bus drivers will apply the Board policy in alignment with current school practices. Regardless, by South Carolina law, the bus driver has the final say on permitting mobile phone use on the school bus. Policy allows high school students to use mobile devices during non-instructional times.  School bus drivers may allow mobile device use by middle and elementary students, so long as such use does not present a distraction to the driver or other safety hazard.  Laptop computers should remain in the backpack or carry case and be secured by the student at all times. These can become dangerous projectiles in the event of a sudden stop or impact. Again, the driver has the final say on permission to use mobile devices on the bus, and may prohibit use in the interest of safety for all students.