GPS Bus Tracker: Edulog Parent Portal Lite

  • We are pleased to introduce a new service, Edulog Parent Portal Lite—a free smartphone app, that will give you better visibility and information regarding the location and timing of your student’s bus.  We will also be able to communicate information about your student’s bus with you through the app.

    Please see the instructions located at the bottom of this page to help you download and set up the app. Be sure to download “Parent Portal Lite,” not “Parent Portal.”

    After you download the app, you’ll need to sign up for an account.  When you open the app, scroll down past the login section and you’ll see a “sign up” bar. Follow the instruction on the app and you’ll land at the home tab, which should show, “No vehicles found.” Tap the “Districts” tab at the bottom of your screen. Here’s where you will need a code for your school to set up the app. The app will actually ask you to “Subscribe to a District.”  This is where you enter a district code. We have actually developed 25 “District Codes,” one that corresponds to each school. Enter your school’s code and then tap the bar that says, “0 buses followed,” to select the bus you want to follow. You may add buses to follow on the app with the ‘+’ in the upper right corner. You may also add more codes on the ‘Districts’ tab the same way, if you have students in different schools.

    School codes are posted below.

    Once you have your schools and buses selected, go to the ‘My Buses’ tab and you can select which bus you want to view on the map and set up your notification zones. The attached instructions will give you step-by-step directions to set up notifications.

    As an example, you can set up notifications for when a bus passes through a certain intersection. You can name the notifications, “Leaving school,” or “3 minutes from home.”

    We hope you find these instructions helpful and that you will take advantage of this service to enhance your experience with the Dorchester District Two school bus system.

Summer 2021 School Codes (District Codes) for GPS Tracker

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.