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End of the Year Testing


SC Ready and SC Pass State Testing will occur at River Oaks Middle School June 03 – June 11, 2021


It is expected that ALL students, school based and virtual academy, are in the building each day of testing to complete their State Assessments.

Please open the attachments (Brochures) on both SC Ready and SC Pass to familiarize yourself with the Overview and Format of these assessments.


While these tests are not timed, the length of time of each test, each day, is approximately 1.5 hours.


Please see below the dates we will conduct our State Tests here at River Oaks Middle School:


June 03, ELA – Session 1 (6th ,7th , and 8th  grade students)

June 07, ELA – Session 2 (6th ,7th , and 8th  grade students)

June 09, Math (6th ,7th , and 8th  grade students)

June 11, Science (6th grade students only)



Again, please note that we expect all students, school based and virtual, to attend River Oaks Middle School on the above dates.

We will test our students 1st period and will need all virtual students to arrive no later than 8:30 a.m. each test day.

Virtual students will be able to be picked up, mid-day, at the conclusion of their assessments.


Please look for another email next week with more details regarding our state assessments.


Testing Brochure A

Testing Brochure B