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EOC Testing (Algebra 1)

            Parent Notification and Parent Resources

  • The only subject in middle school EOC testing this year is Algebra 1. 
  • This exam counts for 20% of the students' grade and must be taken here at ROMS. 
  • Virtual students who take the class with teachers at other schools will still have to test here at ROMS (their home school). 
  • The day of the Algebra 1 EOC is June 11th and students will begin testing promptly at noon. 
  • Parents, it is EXTREMELY important that your child comes to school this day on time to ensure they have adequte time to test. Do not schedule doctor appointments or go out of town that day if at all possible. 
  • IMPORTANT! Parents and students must know that during testing students may not be in possession of any electronic devices that can be used for communicating, timing, creating images, or storing images. These devices will be collected by the test administrator and returned after testing is complete. Please note that in recent years the number of Test Security Violations due to student use of cell phones during testing has increased substantially and is taken very seriously.