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New Middle School under construction in Dorchester School District Two - Help Name the new school

A seventh middle school is under construction in Dorchester School District Two adjacent to Beech Hill Elementary School in one of the fastest growing areas of the district. Projected to open in August 2022, the new school will serve students in 6th through 8th grade and will alleviate overcrowding in several of the district’s middle schools.

Plans for the opening of the new school are underway this fall with the development of attendance areas for students to be assigned to the school; the naming of the principal; and selection of the name for the school. Community meetings will be held this fall to present proposals and receive input on the proposed attendance areas.

Dorchester School District Two will conduct a six-week campaign to invite employees, parents, students, and community members to submit recommendations for the name of the new middle school. An electronic proposal form for suggested names will be posted on the district website at under “Projects” from October 12-November 19, 2021. Soliciting input from the community to name new schools is a tradition in Dorchester School District Two and is a very important part of the process. Name recommendations will be compiled, and the results will be provided to the Board of Trustees to review as input in their decision for naming the new middle school.