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October 12th Important Update from DHEC

DHEC has released updated guidance related to school-based close contacts and quarantine requirements. Previously, in order to reduce the distance from 6ft to 3ft for close contact, both the positive student and the close contact student needed to be masked. The new guidance allows 3ft to be utilized when the close contact is masked, regardless of whether the positive student was masked. DHEC hopes this will assist in keeping more students in school and serve as an incentive for masking. Our nursing staff will consider this factor during contact tracing moving forward. As a reminder, when both parties are unmasked, or in the case of staff-member involved cases, 6ft is still the requirement.

Procedural modifications are being implemented to reflect the updated DHEC guidelines. Click the link below for the updated district Health and Safety FAQs that reflect these changes.

Health and Safety FAQs