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DDTwo Moving to a New Website Platform

Soon we are moving to a new website platform! 


  • The new district website at will launch on Friday, June 2, starting at 12 pm. There may be a brief delay in accessing the website as we transition between website platforms. 
  • School and program websites will transition this summer. We will share more information later about this timeline.  
  • On Tuesday, May 30, at 4 pm, the district and school websites will be briefly unavailable as part of the preparation for this transition. Once they are restored, they will temporarily use ww2 in their website addresses ahead of the transition to this new platform.

Web Page Bookmarks 

  • After the websites are live, you will need to update any bookmarks that link to district or school web pages.  

New Website Features 

  • Improved search tool 
  • Streamlined navigation to find information faster 
  • More photo and video highlights to showcase our district community 

Thank you in advance for your patience as we work to make this a smooth transition.