At-home learning assignments

At home learning assignments for March 16th – April 3rd

We will be using the Chemistry Matters website from Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) and PBS. The link to the website is  You can also access the same topics using your Chemistry textbook from your class.

The Quarter 3 Test will be given via the Quia website and can be accessed with the link attached on the teacher webpage just like the other Quia Quizzes you have taken this year. You will have 3 attempts and the link will close on March 23rd.

GPB Chemistry Matters Assignments

Each Unit is subdivided into Segment Topics. Each Segment has a video that you will need to watch before attempting the assignment. All assignments can be downloaded from the GPB website.

To access the Video Lesson click the segment topic beside the Unit. Under the video for each segment you will see a section called “Support Materials.” Click “Tool Kit” under the “Support Materials” and you will find the worksheets listed and available for download. A folder with the same worksheets will be available on your teachers webpage in the same area would normally access class materials. Also a hardcopy of the assignments will be available for you to pick up at the school.

GPB Chemistry Mattes topics, videos, and assignments


GPB Chemistry Matters Unit Title

Segment Title

Tool Kit Assignments

Day 1


Unit 5 Chemical Reactions

Segment A: Balancing Equations

Unit 5A Segment Questions

Day 2


Segment B: Types of Reactions

Unit 5B Segment Questions

Day 3


Unit 6 The Mole and Stoichiometry

Segment A: Dimensional Analysis

Unit 6A Segment Questions

Day 4

Segment B: The Mole

Unit 6B Practice Problems II Molar Mass

Day 5

Segment C: Percent Composition and Empirical Formulas

Unit 6C Percent Composition and Empirical Formulas Practice I

Day 6

Unit 6C Molecular Formulas Practice I

Day 7

Segment D: Stoichiometric Calculations

Unit 6D Practice Problems 1- Mass to Mass Calculations

Day 8

Unit 6D Practice Problems 2- Mole to Mole and Mole to Mass Calculations

Day 9

Unit 9 Kinetics and Gases

Segment D: Kinetic Molecular Theory

Unit 9D Segment Questions

Day 10


Segment E: Ideal Gas Law

Unit 9E Segment Questions


Chemistry Quarter 3 Test

The link to the Quarter 3 Test on Quia will be active in a few days. A copy of the actual Quarter 3 Test will be placed on the teacher webpage where you would normally access class materials. Just like the Quarter 3 Quia, you will need the test complete the Quia online. When you access the Quia link for the Quarter 3 Test you will NOT see the actual questions. You will see…

  1. What is your answer to question #1
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. D

Use your answers from the Quarter 3 Test you downloaded from the teacher webpage to complete the online Quia test. This will still count as a Major Assessment Test grade and can replace your lowest test grade from Quarter 3. The Quia link for the Quarter 3 Test will close on March 23rd.