Free WIDA eWorkshops

Available September 1, 2019. 

The following eWorkshops will be available in the eLearning Center of the WIDA Secure Portal:

·         Using the WIDA Writing Rubric

·         Leading for Equity: Classroom Walkthrough

·         Classroom Educators: Engaging Newcomer Multilingual Learners

·         Language for Learning in Mathematics

·         Doing and Talking STEM

·         Foundational Concepts for K-12 Educators

See the attached WIDA eWorkshop Flyer for full descriptions!

If you need an account with WIDA: Please contact Susan Murphy at or (803) 734-0163.

WIDA-eWorkshop-Flyer.pdf, 308.99 KB; (Last Modified on August 30, 2019)