AP Scholars Academy Application & Agreement

The College Board and the Advanced Placement Program encourage teachers, AP coordinators, and school administrators to make equitable access a guiding principle for their AP programs. The College Board is committed to the principle that all students deserve an opportunity to participate in rigorous and academically challenging courses and programs.

All students who are willing to accept the challenge of a rigorous academic curriculum should be considered for admission to AP courses. The Board encourages the elimination of barriers that restrict access to AP courses for students from ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in the AP Program. Schools should make every effort to ensure that their AP classes reflect the diversity of their student population.

Students who wish to register for an AP course must complete the attached AP Scholars Academy Application and Agreement.  This is to ensure that students and their parents/guardians have been fully informed of their AP course opportunities.

This is due when course verifications are due.

AP Scholars Application and Agreement