Issues with Microphone and/or Camera

Microphone or camera not working in a web-based program (Waterford, System 44, R180 etc)

  1. In the URL bar of the website, (top left of screen) select the lock icon.
  2. Make sure microphone and camera are set to Allow. 

Allow Microphone and Camera


Microphone, camera, or audio not working at all

  1. Close all browsers/tabs.
  2. Restart your device (this is different than shut down).
  3. Check your privacy settings to make sure the microphone and camera are allowed.

**Note that the camera cannot be used in more than one program at a time. You cannot use the camera in a Teams meeting AND in Waterford, for example

If none of the tips above correct the issue, contact Cantey Technologies at (843) 896-0777.