What is Class Notebook and How Your Teacher Might Use it?

OneNote Class Notebook - Depending on how your teacher organizes resources for the class, you may be given access to a OneNote Class Notebook.

Your OneNote Class Notebook will have different sections: 

Collaboration Space: Pages that you can work on with other students.CN Navigation Bar  This is an area for students to collaborate (work together) on projects. Your teacher will give instructions on how and when to use this space.

Content Library: Like a textbook with pages you can read for class. This area can only be edited by your teacher. It might include lesson instructions, handouts, quizzes, reading, videos, etc.

Your own workspace: This workspace is for your classwork. It includes sections like Homework or Class Notes. Use this space to add pages, notes, and thoughts, or work on assignments that your teacher distributes directly to you. Your teacher can see anything you add in this section.

OneNote Class Notebook pages don’t act like normal document pages. Each one can go as long or as wide as you need, and you can draw or write on them with a touch screen device, add multimedia, and move things around just by selecting and dragging.


Your teacher may use Class Notebook to:

1. Organize your subject content.

Your teacher can organize lesson content so that it is easily accessible to you – on any device, anywhereClass Notebook Screenshot  , at any time. OneNote’s powerful search tool can find what you're looking for, even text in pictures or handwriting.  

2. Create and deliver lessons.

Teachers are able to create lessons and send them straight to your student notebook, just like handing out worksheets in a classroom. These handouts can even include videos or audio recordings.

Students work on these handouts, perhaps choosing to use powerful drawing tools to highlight, annotate slides, sketch diagrams, and take handwritten notes.


3. Provide feedback. 

Teachers can provide real-time feedback and coaching. Personal support can be typed or written directly into your student notebook.

Students can insert ‘tags’ that ask for help. When teachers search these tags, they can give instant feedback to students who are struggling.Class Notebook Screenshot 5