Open in OneNote for Windows 10

We recommend using OneNote for Windows 10 when you wish to create/copy/edit content. It most closely resembles the web-based version and is the easiest to navigate.

  1. Click on the Class Notebook tab in your class Team.
  2. Click on the arrow next to Open in Browser.
  3. Select Open in Desktop App


View 1:

Class Notebook Screenshot 1

View 2:

 Class Notebook Screenshot 2

 1. Select OneNote (DO NOT select OneNote 2016)

Not OneNote 2016


Note: The first time you do this you will be offered two options (OneNote and OneNote for 2016)  Select OneNote.  DO NOT select OneNote 2016.

After the first time, you will not be offered the choice.  It will automatically choose what you chose the first time.